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Web Design Company

Web design is a service usually associated with web sites production. Typically web design company is the first one to contact when someone needs a web site. There is a challenge in this business because of the need to combine visually attractive objects and technically sound framework. There is always a conflict of interests between:

One of the most serious problems in web design is existing "free hand" technique of HTML coding and requirement of optimisation for search engines.

Web Design Optimised for Search Engines

We do not believe in "free hand" design. Though it gives more freedom to web designer, "free hand" web design negatively affects the Internet marketing future of the web sites.

Very often our clients come to us having web sites already. These sites produce no result because of a "free hand" design. We have to re-design such web sites to "prepare" them for search engines.

Infopulse produces web site optimised by design and ready for search engines.

Web Design vs Re-design

That is really simple. Optimised web design can cost a bit more than a "free hand" one.
Re-design costs clients 2 times more.

Our clients vote for optimised web design with their cheque books.

InWebsight Studios is a Melbourne web design company.
We design web sites that are ready for search engines and ready for visitors.

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