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On-line Marketing - DIY Internet Marketing

In our opinion Do-It-Yourself on-line marketing is good only for ... on-line marketing specialists. It is not a rocket science however there is a learning curve and mistakes can be costly for business. At the same time we encourage our clients to learn more about Internet marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, PPC and other related subjects.

Understanding our business well, clients allow and help us to deliver a better service.

To help you with understanding of on-line marketing we recommend you to try our free search engine optimisation tool: SEO Explorer. It is a very simple program which allows you to browse web sites and instantly see the "guts" of web pages. For instance it shows the report on SEO, displays statistics on links, images, HTML source, SEO copy etc.

We also recommend to read about our original search engine optimisation rating methodology (SEOR). SEOR allows to issue the score to the web page, indicate its weak and strong points and select the most cost effective strategy for improving the SEO.
You will find some useful information in our articles related to on-line marketing, search engine optimisation, Internet trends, etc.

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